Rage Against the Machine

Author: Urbanac

Recently Governor Corzine appointed Warren Faulk, an attorney for the Philadelphia Enquirer, to serve as Camden County prosecutor. Faulk is the law partner of William Tambussi, the attorney for South Jersey Democratic boss George E. Norcross III. The director of communications for Corzine claims Faulk has a “sterling reputation,” and State Sen. John Adler (D), who is running for the 3rd congressional district, has also given his support to Faulk.

Chris Meyers, a Republican 3rd congressional district candidate, has pointed out that the close ties between Faulk and Norcross indicate a “conflict of interest” . He has called out Democratic challenger Adler to “walk the walk” and live up to his campaign promise to be a candidate independent of the Camden County political machine. Jack Kelly, vying for the Republican nomination against Meyers, called the situation “just more typical Camden County Democrat politics”. He has stated that if he wins the nomination he will put effort into researching Adler’s ties with Norcross. Adler, the Chairman of the State Judiciary Committee, and the rest of the committee will undoubtedly approve Faulk soon.

This close network of friends should come to no surprise for anyone aware of the democratic leadership in New Jersey. Norcross, once a close ally and influence to Mcgreevy, has been just as close to Corzine. Considered to be one of the most powerful party bosses in the state, it’s safe to say the Democratic machine is well oiled, and running at high capacity for the campaigns.

We’ll have to wait till November to see if the Democratic machine can squeeze in another politician with Adler. Fortunately, despite the fact that Republicans Meyers and Kelly will face each other in today’s primaries, Meyers made a powerful statement of solidarity: ”We’ll come together as Republicans at the end of the day”. This dynamic between candidates, debating and challenging each other, but finding common ground on the core values that this state needs, is a refreshing change from a Democratic machine that functions on friends and private interests.


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