The Case for Murray Sabrin

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Today, the citizens of New Jersey will go to the polls and select the nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties to run for Senate this November. For Republicans, the choice is clear: Ramapo College Economics Professor Dr. Murray Sabrin stands apart from the crowd. Professor Sabrin’s strong beliefs in the principles of limited government, lower taxes, and drastically reduced federal spending are the foundations upon which the Republican Party is built. During these past 8 years, Republicans have drifted from their core values and the voters soundly rejected them. Now is a chance for the GOP to get back on its moorings and rebuild their, to use the popular term, “brand”.

Dr. Sabrin will be guided by a deeply held governing philosophy and will help the Republican Party regain their image as the party of fiscal discipline by voting against unconstitutional spending measures and decreasing confiscatory tax rates.

Dr. Sabrin will return the GOP to their rightful place as the champion of individual rights and freedoms as he fights passionately for individual’s first and second amendment rights. Dr. Sabrin will oppose any effort by government to decrease citizen’s freedom to express themselves politically via so-called campaign finance reform. He will also be the gun owner’s best friend as he opposes any effort by the federal government, no matter how good the intentions are, to erode an individual’s second amendment right to bear arms.

There are many qualified candidates in the race and all are good Republicans, but primaries about the party choosing the direction they want to go in and picking the best choice for November. Dr. Sabrin is the best candidate in November because at a time when the economy in the chief issue on voters mind, what could be better than nominating a professor of economics, a man who understands how markets work, and specifically why the free market is superior to the massive tax increases and government intervention the Democratic Nominee will promise.

In Dr. Murray Sabrin, the New Jersey GOP will have a candidate they know will be guided by principles that led to the movement that nominated Barry Goldwater, elected Ronald Reagan in two landslide victories, and propelled the Republicans in 1994 to the first takeover of the House of Representatives in 40 years.


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