You’ve got Mail

Author: Rory B. Bellows

After over a year of stonewalling, New Jersey Judge Paul Innes ruled that Governor Corzine must turn over his email correspondence between himself, his staff and ex-girlfriend Carla Katz, who is the President of the Communication Workers of America Local 1034, which represents over 10,000 state workers.

Email-gate has haunted the Governor and raised questions about his ethical compass. In Governor Corzine’s inaugural address, he asked the people of New Jersey to “hold me accountable”. When the people of New Jersey demanded to get answers as to just how his relationship with the woman he has to sit across the bargaining table from would affect his ability to honestly represent the people of New Jersey, Governor Corzine hid behind legalese and misleading public statements.

These correspondence add up to exactly 100 pages of documents that will shed light on Governor Crozine’s relationship with Ms. Katz and show us just whose side the Governor was on during contract negotiations between the State of New Jersey and the Union that Ms. Katz represents. Judging by the stonewalling and cover up that the Corzine Administration engaged in during this sorry episode, my guess is that the taxpayers of the Garden State were the ones who got the shaft.

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