Out With the Old, In with the…. Old?

Author: Rory B. Bellows

last night, the Democratic Party nominated Frank Lautenberg to run for a fifth term this November.  He was dogged by criticisms that he was he was too old to serve a full 6 year term in the United States Senate. Senator Lautenberg will be 90 years of age when the term he is seeking will expire and has been serving in the United States Senate since before Moses was in short pants.

It’s not just that Senator Lautenberg was born when people were still doing the Charleston that makes him unfit to continue to represent the State of New Jersey, it’s that his policies represent the type of backward thinking liberalism that has this state facing massive budget deficits, confiscatory tax rates that are driving buisinesses and residents out of the state in droves and the nanny state socialism that makes people think the name of this state is the Democratic People’s Republic of New Jersey.

Frank Lautenberg is old in more ways than one. His policies of massive government spending make Dana Matos at a Niemen Marcus sale look like Ebenezer Scrooge. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: New Jersey deserves a Senator as good as its people and Frank Lautenberg just isn’t good enough.


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