RE: RE: Sexism out in 2008

Author: Urbanac

Ultimately, it’s not the language that disqualifies the slogan, but rather its underlying principles. Ironically, I find that “shared prosperity” is the perfect way to describe the Republican ideal. What’s the key difference between the Democratic and Republican takes on “shared prosperity?” Democrats use the federal government to force people to share. Their economic solution is to forcefully redistribute wealth to make people better off. Republicans see the blatant injustice and idiocy in this. Any economist will tell you that the science of economics has not advanced enough to be efficiently controlled by policymakers. Does this mean we should not regulate the economy? No, it means we should try to stay out of it as much as possible: Freer markets. Republicans understand that the market allocates resources to the highest level of efficiency. With lower taxes and lower spending, businesses are allowed to grow, and inadvertently share their prosperity. Lower taxes increase demand, allow businesses to invest, save and expand, and thus create more jobs, and eventually lower prices. The Republican idea of “shared prosperity” is inevitable: in a free market system, where the government has a minimal influence in the economic lives of individuals, the the overall prosperity of the nation eventually, and inexorably allows for the prosperity of millions more.


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