Sexism Out in 2008?

Author: Kari

So Hillary won’t be the first female president. Awesome. She ran an almost successful campaign and at times was the frontrunner. Even more awesome.

Did Hillary Rodham Clinton lose because our country is still sexist in 2008? Don’t think so. The Clinton campaign lost because it was not managed as well as it could have been, and just maybe Hillary wasn’t the right candidate for the time. The same has happened to Rudy Guliani, and a million other candidates across the country since elections have existed.

Sexism was an issue in the early 2000s when the first predictions that Clinton would run for president were met with responses that a woman would absolutely not win the presidency this generation. Will it be an issue if any relatively qualified woman tries to be commander-in-chief in 2012 or soon after that? Don’t think so either.

Clinton, despite her politics or personality, deserves respect for doing what no woman has ever even gotten in a position to do. In a time when 16.3% of Congress is female, and New Jersey has only ever had one female governor, Christy Whitman from 1994 to 2001, Clinton has tried to and succeeded in changing the conversation about women in politics. For that I am satisfied, but of course not everyone is.

Jeanne Cummings from the Politico writes, “Clinton may not have lost because she’s a woman, but Obama got a pass because he’s a man, they argue. Voters and political analysts never would have taken a candidate with inspirational gifts but a thin political résumé seriously if he were a she.”

Democratic voters across this country were willing to take a man with a thin political resume over a woman with an extensive one. Nobody knows if it would have happened the other way around. You can argue Clinton lost because her politics are crap (as opposed to her sex being a factor), but if you think her politics are crap then Obama’s politics probably make you nauseous.

Whether you love her, hate her, or think she’s the devil incarnate, I think everyone can agree – she’s got balls, and isn’t afraid to use them. Good for her.


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