Proposal to Cut up the State’s Credit Card Gains Momentum

Author: Rory B. Bellows.

Today’s Star Ledger reports that a constitutional amendment to end state borrowing without voter approval is picking up supporters. Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts is on board, as is Governor Corzine. Borrowing money without voter approval is already unconstitutional, but law makers invent clever dodges to circumvent the document that is supposed to guide their behavior. It would be nice if the court systems did what they were supposed to do and enforce the Constitution as it was written instead of, oh say, inserting themselves into school funding and housing, but that would be asking too much of liberal justices who only want to invent laws. So now we need an amendment that will only confirm what the Constitution says. Only in New Jersey.

Senate President Dick Codey is lukewarm on the proposal. He is afraid of “…tying a future governor’s and Legislature’s hands”. Oh no. The legislature and governors might actually have to live within their means. How terrible. Codey’s mistrust of the public is not surprising and fits with his authoritarian outlook on government. This is a man who doesn’t think the decision to open a business and allow smoking inside should be up to the owners of business nor does he believe people are intelligent enough to weigh the risks of wearing a seatbelt while driving. Why should it surprise anyone that Dick Codey doesn’t believe the people of New Jersey can come to the proper conclusions on borrowing money?

Not for nothing, but considering the state is facing the bill for 32 billion in state debt and all but 3 billion came without voter appoval, why should residents of New Jersey not think they are more capable then the crowd we have running things on financial matters?


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