Governor with 29% Approval Rating to Run for Re-election.

Author: Rory B. Bellows.

John Corzine says he has “‘every intention’ to run for re-election next year…”. A new Rasmussen Reports Tracking Poll reveals that 29% of New Jersey residents believe the Governor has done a fair or good job.

The Governor also claims he will “respond to questions about e-mails he exchanged with union leader Carla Katz ‘before the election so that people have full knowledge.'” That is an interesting stand by the Governor considering he is appealing a Judge’s ruling in a lawsuit filed by New Jersey GOP Chairman Tom Wilson which states that the Governor must make emails between himself and his staff to Carla Katz public. The Governor sure has a strange way of responding to questions and making the public fully aware of these goings-on.

This is more Nixonian behavior from our Governor. During Watergate Nixon would often try to appear as trying to get to the very bottom of the scandal while secretly sabotaging the investigation or trying to conceal criminal wrong doings.

All that is left is for John Corzine to hold a press conference to announce that he is not a crook.

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