You are too successful! Give me your money!

Author: Publius

Or so the Democrats in Congress say to the oil companies. Well, in not such nice of a tone. Changing “You are too successful” to “you steal.” The Republicans managed to block the windfall profit tax bill that would increase taxes on oil companies. Any common sense person realizes that companies don’t pay taxes but that the consumer does. But I suppose the Dems know this and don’t care either way.

The truth of the matter is the dirty little secret is that the Dems want the price of oil to skyrocket. You know why? To fight the hype that is so-called global warming. Oh, the Audacity of HYPE isn’t it? When we all know it’s to use the money for more pork projects.

Here is the cycle in a particular Robin Hood kind of way with a clear intent of income redistribution. They complain gas is too high. Blame Bush. Raise taxes. Use the tax money to fund pork projects. Which in turn helps them get votes. Heck, that isn’t even about income redistribution anymore. It’s all about power. But the reality is just one.

SO WHAT IF I MAKE A LOT OF MONEY? I’m successful and I should feel guilty? Seriously. The government is the one that makes more money from a gallon of oil than the oil companies do, LITERALLY. On average oil companies make eight cents profit while the government makes from around 40 cents to 60 cents depending on the state and that’s just the fuel tax. Now add the corporate tax, income tax, sales tax, and any other kind of tax you can imagine. It is the exact same thing twenty different ways.

Income/corporate tax hurts the worker. Sales/fuel tax hurts the consumer. This is trickle down economics. But this is from the Carter school of thought and not Reagan. Tax the top and it does trickle down and affect the bottom line. Lower the tax and it does as well. But how would we expect liberals to understand that? These are the same people who would rather make a quick dollar than several quarters many times over. Everyday is April 15th for the Democrat Party and everything is the 4th of July for ours.

By the way now that they stopped this commie bill, how about they capitalize on it and demand we drill at home. McCain sure won’t, but at least the candidates can run on it. We are on the correct side of the issue. 69% of Americans want to drill in ANWR and other places at home. At least there is a postive side to this. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And so does the environMENTAL movement. The higher the gas prices go the more people will realize that NO ONE can afford the global warming hysteria.


2 Responses to “You are too successful! Give me your money!”

  1. 1 akingami September 9, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Very good. All those that support this income redistribution need to apply it to themselves. How would they feel if the government invaded their homes taking everything they could ‘afford’ to lose (their cars, their clothes, their food) and redistribute it to those that can’t afford such things? It is the very same mindset, the rich can ‘afford’ to pay higher taxes therefore they should give more money…

  2. 2 Bouncy Atheist October 1, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    Wealth redistribution is a flavor of communism. Pity the masses are so brainless they don’t realize it.

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