Trying to Understand the Democrat Party Position on Taxes

Author: Rory B. Bellows

You always hear members of the Democrat Party or their minions claim Republican proposed tax cuts are a give away for the wealthy. I have never understood this. Say every year you took 5 DVD’s from my collection. Then one year you only decided to take 2. Would you say you are “giving away” DVD’s or would you say you are letting me keep more of my own property?

If the government is taking, say, 35% of someone’s income in taxes year after year, and one year they decide to only take 25%, how has money been given away? The only way one can believe money has been given away is if you believe the money you make is the government’s and what you are left with after taxes is an allowance that the mighty and benevolent government lets you keep. In any other place these people would be called socialists, but here in America they are Democrats, or to use the term they favor these days:Progressives.


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