Living Jersey. Living Red?

Author: Urbanac

New Jersey has been a prominent Democratic state since the 1980’s, but things may soon change. Presumptive Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, and the candidate for US Senate, Dick Zimmer, have voiced their concerns for working together to turn Jersey red . The candidates feel that their combined efforts can overwhelm the Democratic party machine that has kept this state blue for so long. McCain has proved to be a very strong candidate in Jersey, only trailing about 6 points in the polls to Obama. Zimmer hopes to capitalize on McCain’s momentum in the state, and generate some momentum himself for both McCain and future Republican candidates in the state. Although the two candidates agree on most issues, their ideas on abortion differ. Zimmer made a resounding statement of party unity by saying that such an issue would not pose a problem, and that neither candidate was a ”litmus-test person.” Such an alliance between the two really speaks of the party’s determination, solidarity and diversity.

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