Poor Penniless Joe

Author: Urbanac

A grave injustice has been done in Bergen County. Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero’s right to practice law is being challenged, thus threatening to leave him “penniless”.

Just recently, the city council in Hackensack gave permission to Hackensack University Medical Center to build a new cancer center. The medical center was being represented by none other than Joe Ferriero, acting as a private attorney. Of the council members who oversaw and approved the deal, two are part of the Bergen County Democratic Committee, one was part of the Committee until this year, and another has landed a job with the help of the Democratic county government. So these four Democrats, who are either colleagues or friends of the Democratic committee chairman AND private attorney Joe Ferriero, objectively gave their support for the very deal that Joe is pushing for. What’s the big deal? Joe does not see one.

Not only that, but the medical center also plans to outsource the ambulance calls it makes to save the city over hundreds of thousands of dollars. This would take away jobs from the fire department in the city, but as Joe and the medical center will show you, it saves the city tons of money. Well, they will not really show you since there have not been any studies to actually verify an actual savings estimate. And there hasn’t been much discussion either, just unanimous support. But we can put our support and faith in Joe. And his friends. At the end of the day, we have to remember what is most important is to not hurt Joe’s career as a private attorney, or threaten his precious Bergen County Democratic buddy system.


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