Liberal Media Bias

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Here is a story you won’t see in the New York Times or any other liberal media outlet. They won’t tell you the dirty little secret behind Al Gore’s crusade against global warming: He stands to gain millions upon millions of dollars off  of it. How you ask? Simple. Gore is a fouding member of something called Global Management Intiative. GMI invests money in companies that are going “green”.

One of these companies is Chicago Climate Exchange(CCX). CCX is the only firm in the US that trades carbon credits. Trading carbon credits is the center piece of the cap and trade system that was recently defeated in the Senate. There is a clear financial motivation behind Al Gore’s campaign against so-called global warming yet no one in the mainstrem media will report on it. These are the same media outlets that reported ad nauseum about Bush, Cheney and Haliburton allegedly making millions on the Iraq War, but they won’t say a peep about this. They refuse to lift the curtain on this charade because the fight against “global warming” appeals to their knee-jerk liberalism.

Once again, the media leftist political agenda fails the American public.


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