Straight Talk Express comes to NJ!

Mac just came to Burlington County College today and I must say, this is the next President of the United States. I thought he was going to be in favor of the Supreme Court decision, and he wasn’t. As a conservative and most importantly as an American, this made me proud. Plus the few liberals there really pissed me off, and there is nothing more that rallies someone behind a candidate than when they go after an American Hero and his county. A few local politicians and some other politicians were there such as Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, Tom Kean Senior and Junior, Jim Saxton, Chris Myers, Chris Smith, and Bill Baroni.

He gave his small speech on reform, prosperity, and peace. And then took a few questions. I was THIS close to shaking his hand after the townhall meeting! All in all in if there is only one reason to vote for McCain the answer is two words: President Obama. My friends, it’s time we have a Real American Hero – McCain ’08!

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