Republicans Across the Spectrum Support Zimmer

Author: Kari

This Friday George Ajjan, creative brain behind Murray Sabrin’s Senate campaign, gave his endorsement of Dick Zimmer along with several intelligent reasons why Zimmer is the best choice.

Ajjan, as well as the candidate he worked for, are controversial among Republicans at large but have many devoted fans at the conservative end of the party. Zimmer, while given the support of the party and most Republicans in the state, surely dissatisfies some conservatives with his viewpoints on certain issues.

Nobody’s perfect, and that’s the understatement of a lifetime in politics. To agree with someone on every issue is impossible. Ajjan has accepted this as a fact of life and looked past his problems with Zimmer to the inevitable conclusion that he would be far and away and better representative of this state than Lautenberg. “This endorsement does not mean that I agree with all of his positions, but the choice between supporting Congressman Zimmer and handing the election to Frank Lautenberg hardly represents a dilemma. Even the issues on which conservatives part company with Zimmer, his positions cannot be compared with those of the ultra-liberal Lautenberg, who supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand without restrictions, radical curtailment of our constitutional right to bear arms, and amnesty for those who have entered this country illegally.”

This unity across issue borders calls to mind the argument by many Republicans as to why McCain deserves to be rallied around and supported in this critical election cycle. Despite McCain being significantly more moderate than most Republican presidential candidates, the possibility of Obama becoming a good politician doesn’t even come close to how excellent a politician McCain has already proven himself to be (And when I say politician, I mean it in the good sense – ability to perform the duties of the job, not the negative connotations that first come to mind). Obama is desperately liberal and frighteningly inexperienced – everything that McCain is not. Whatever one or two or three issues where Republicans disagree with McCain, they add up to…..nothing, in the grand scheme of things. Party unity, when it’s needed most.

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