Dog Loses $10 Million

Author: Publius

Leona Helmsley’s dog lost $10 million of its $12 million trust fund. The judge ordered $4 million to some disinherited grandchild and another $2 million to another with the rest to be put into Helmsley’s multibillion-dollar charitable foundation.

Oh yeah, I’m sure a few million into a MULTIBILLION-dollar trust fund will make a difference. But the main problem here is the courts’ overreaching. First, the government managed to connect the two guaranteed always in life. Death and Taxes in the death tax. So not only do we not have control over our money while we live but even less control after we die. As nasty as Leona Helmsley might have been (or not if you are the dog) it was/is her money. She has the right to do whatever she wants with it. What is amazing is that after all these years, the courts just completely go and remove the money. So the contract clause in our Constitution means nothing?

What is most amazing is that the yearly bill is $190,000. So pooch, guess you better roll over within 10.5 years or you will be in the kennel. Read the rest here.


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