RE: Race is Not a Factor

Author: Urban AC


I absolutely agree with Aaron. In fact, there has been a popular misperception that you hear in mainstream circles about the Republican party being racist. I don’t think I need to go into how absurd that claim is, since Aaron has done a good job taking care of that. And yes, although the Republican party has changed over time, it is absurd to make such a claim even based on the current policy issues of the party.

However, I do want to make a point in regards to Obama and discrimination. I’ve noticed in a lot of online blogs and comments that there are some subtle, and also some not so subtle, discriminatory undertones. These have more to do with his Muslim associations than his ethinicity. I’ve seen many anti-Obama facebook groups and blogs that display the picture of Obama in Kenyan garments, and make blatantly clear that Obama sounds like Osama, and also his middle name happens to be Hussein. I can understand arguments that say these references are being used to comment on Obama’s actual policy ideas, but regardless of intentions, I think it’s hard to deny the consequences that such messages go deeper into the pscyhe than can be imagined, or controlled. The country is still in a fragile atmosphere, and the cultural reverberations of 9-11 have not yet begun to settle. Many literary theorists, one being Muhneer Ahmad, have written about a new sense of racism agains Arabs and Southeastern Asians. I can understand people who think Obama would be a bad president, but I cannot condone attacks that manipulate the human unconcscious to play up fear and discrimination. We as a culture have to be more responsible about the way we push our religous agendas. I’ve seen one too many online discussions break down into blatant racism and hatred against Arabs and muslims, and this threatens to further the divide our country.

There are plenty of good reasons not to vote for Obama, and if you just cycle through the posts here on living jersey, you’ll see how we feel about his policies. But just a general warning to other bloggers, readers and users, for the sake of the country and the party, let’s keep the disagreement and resentment strictly on a political level.

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