New Jersey Republicans’ Choice

Author: Rory B. Bellows

John McCain has proposed lifting the federal government’s ban on offshore drilling. This would leave the decision to allow drilling where it rightly belongs: with the states. I may be out of touch, but I do not see the clause of the Constitution that gives the power of natural resource collection to the federal government.

New Jersey Republicans who represent districts that touch the shore line face a dilemma. Do they oppose offshore drilling and follow what they think the wishes of their constituents are, or do they act in a Burkian manner and vote their principles because they believe they were elected to act in the public’s best interests? Drilling offshore and increasing our oil supply mst be one part of a national energy solution. There is absolutely no good reason that we have oil sitting off of our coasts and we do nothing while every other nation in the world is in a hot pant to get drilling rights wherever they can. Clearly alternative fuels need to be a long term answer, but in the here and now it is immoral that our representatives allow our nation to be at the mercy of the supply and demand curve for oil when we can increase our own domestic production capacity, but are held hostge by environmentalists who cling to the fancy that they can create and maintain a garden of eden like utopia on earth, no matter what the cost to our economy or standard of living is.

The one thing that is clear is that we cannot continue on our current path. The road ahead leads to $5 and upwards on the price of gasoline. New Jersey Republicans can push for a comprehensive energy solution that includes offshore drilling and risk voter backlash, or they can continue on the road of ever increasing gas prices and face voter backlash.

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