Undermining Marriage while Legislating from the Bench

Author: Publius

The courts are at it again. They have completely undermined marriage, this time in New Jersey and not California, while legislating from the bench.

The Star Ledger reports, “The state Supreme Court today ruled that living together is only one of many factors judges should consider when determining palimony for unmarried couples.” It goes on to state
that, ” The justices found the basis for palimony is not cohabitation. Rather, ‘It is the promise to support, expressed or implied, coupled with a martial-type relationship, that are indispensable elements to support a valid claim for palimony,’ the judges ruled.”

So not only is government legislating one of the sacraments of religion but its also now completely doing away with marriage. Now one does not even have to live together for it to even be considered a “marriage-like” relationship. On top of already not having to even be married to have a “marriage-like relationship.” Slippery-Slope you might ask? Well, isn’t that how we got to abortion?

Common-law marriage has been abolished since 1939 and has not been re-instituted by the courts or the legislature or the people since then. However, the courts have done a runaround that law and began, little by little, giving unmarried people the same rights that married couples have. So this is not just about government legislating religion, it is that the courts refuse to abide by the law they were sworn to uphold. And second, just because marriage has been hijacked by the government and used so much in legal terms (divorce courts, settlements, etc.) does not mean it is not an institution created by religion or God. So if government starts to give out bar mitzvahs, do we allow that to be watered down as well? No. Our Constitution was meant to limit government and not limit the people. Separation of church and state is church and state, and not God and state. Second, it’s meant to limit government from intervening with religion.

Added Note: If someone is having an affair and that relationship is considered “marriage-like” shouldn’t the person be jailed for committing a felony of polygamy? But this is probably asking too much from the courts that don’t even acknowledge marriage being between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.


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