Top Corzine Advisors Fleeing Administration


Gary Rose and Bradley Abelow, two of Corzine’s buddies from Goldman Sachs who tagged along with him to the Governor’s Mansion by way of top-ranking advisorships in his administration, are expected to leave their posts after the budget is passed.

Gary Rose, Chief of the Office of Economic Growth, who one could presumably thank for genius policies such as the 800% proposed toll hike, extended taxes in the new budget, and pretty much every other fantastic mismanagement of money by the Governor’s office in the past few years, will leave to return to the private sector.  So will Abelow who, as Corzine’s Chief of Staff and former Treasurer, one could thank for – well, pretty much all the great decisions and policies Corzine has made that have led to his 38% approval rating.   Hmmmm….could this be because they realized that working in the private financial industry has not prepared them to manage the details of an enormous public economy, or because they don’t want to be associated with what is sure to be a humiliating electoral failure/last year in power for the Corzine administration next year?

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1 Response to “Top Corzine Advisors Fleeing Administration”

  1. 1 otny June 18, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    “Humiliating electoral failure” : perfect diction.

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