Bush: Drill Here! Drill NOW!

Author: Publius

Bush has called for Congress in his 4-Point Plan to allow for offshore drilling and asked to allow drilling in ANWR. While McCain stands firm on not allowing drilling in ANWR, Dems pull out the same argument that we cannot drill ourselves out of this.  We are Americans, no one tells us we cannot do something.  Maybe the liberals can’t but America sure can.  Wasn’t it a Democrat Senator that said if the Saudis increase drilling by 1 million barrels, prices would fall by 25 cents? And we can explore up to 1 million barrels a day in ANWR.  But it will take five years, the Dems say.  Well, if speculation is that major of a factor wouldn’t they speculate less if the US announces it will drill?  The Saudis said they would drill 250,000 extra barrels, and that was treated as a big deal by the economic community with the price of a barrel of oil falling.  If the US, which uses the most oil in the world, says it will have an energy independence plan which includes exploring in ANWR, the price will drastically fall.

What’s the difference between exploring here and in the Middle East? We complain about exporting so many jobs overseas, so why do we keep exporting jobs related to oil overseas? Democrats just blame speculators so they have an excuse to control the market more.  We all know liberals feel guilty when making a profit so they don’t want anyone else to. We here in NJ should be able to drill off the coast. DRILL HERE! DRILL NOW!

Rest of article on Bush’s Speech.


1 Response to “Bush: Drill Here! Drill NOW!”

  1. 1 Eredux June 18, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    Check out this Interactive US Energy Footprint Chart, an interactive United States Energy Consumption Footprint chart, illustrating Greenest States and more. This site has all sorts of stats on individual State energy consumptions, demographics and State energy offices – drill down to your local city.


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