New Jersey Democrats Push for More Unconstitutional Borrowing

Author: Rory B. Bellows

You would have thought New Jersey Democrats got the message last November when voters in the state rejected two ballot intiatives. Not so much. New Jersey Democrats such as State Senator Ray Rice want to borrow $3.5 billion dollars without voter approval for school construction. New Jersey’s constitution says any borrowing must be done with voter approval. Governor Corzine just made a big display that his new budget does away with legislature borrowing, but is singing a different tune today because he feels school construction is a different set of encyclopedias. The Governor claims that since school construction was mandated by the court, the money can be borrowed without voter approval.

This is just one unconsitutional mess after another. Our State Supreme Court usurped the power from the legislature to oversee school funding. To satisfy that power grab and rule and by judicial fiat, our Governor and his Democratic lackeys in the legislature want to unconstitutionally borrow $3.5 billion even though the message was sent loud and clear last November: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


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