Re: Re: Teenagers Say Goodbye to Driving.

Author: Publius

The reality is that ageism is always the last frontier of discrimination because literally everyone grows out of it.  One is old enough to serve but not be served (a beer). One can vote for any candidate (black, woman and old) but not for himself at times (under 18/21/30/35, etc.).  A full citizen is at the age of 18, so a way around that is to try and limit those under that age is not outright ban it. Though there are still several limits on those over eighteen.  We are the party of life and understand that there is no difference in an abortion at 5 months and 29 days and 6 months. Or that murder is murder at 8 months and 29 days and at one day old.  So what the difference between 17 years old and 364 days and 18 years old? Really nothing. It varies from person to person. But they have to set a line somewhere.  A line that has increasingly become a vast and wide border.

But the main point brought up was that if you have two children, you cannot drive them around. The argument could also turn into will be, cannot humans at an even younger age have children and then should not they be able to drive? What they fail to realize is that many young people do work, especially in this state with the rising tuition cost.  And yes, unfortunately not all young people are responsible and do have children. But many try to be, and you cannot punish those that are. For example those that work, even if it has to be late at night, need to drive or have to pick up and drop off siblings.  If one can pay taxes at 16 years of age, should one not be able to drive to their workplace as well?


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