U.S. Domestic Oil Reserves 3 Times that of Saudi Arabia

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Oil shale resources in the Colorado, Wyoming and Utah Green River formation estimate 1.8 trillion barrels of oil are located beneath the surface. A RAND Corporation study estimates that while not all resources are recoverable, the upper limit is 1.1 trillion barrels with a lower limit of 500 trillion. The midpoint of this recovery, 800 trillion barrels of oil is 3 times LARGER than any known etimate of that of Saudi Arabia..

Republicans need to seize this issue and make it their own. The sentiments of the American public are running in favor of more drilling. Drilling off the coast of Florida was considered the third rail of that state’s politics, yet Governor Charlie Crist has come out in favor. The GOP must hammer away at the Democrats energy “policy” which consists of nothing more than a windfall profits tax that will be passed along to consumers and cause the price at the pump to skyrocket. The substance of the issue and the public sentiment is with the Republicans. Voters are begining to wise up to the fact that there is no real argument being offered against expansion of our domestic oil supply. The GOP can ram this down the throat of the public and show how the Democrats and their environmentalist henchmen have no policy other than inflicting a radical leftist agenda upon the American people.

This is a winning issue for Republicans this fall and they must capitalize on it. It’s the only chance to avoid President Obama and a Democratic Congress that wants to nationalize oil refineries, tax and regulate us to the point that we wish we had a third world economy.


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