Barack Obama’s Hope and Change: Jon Corzine

Author: Rory B. Bellows.

After backing the loser in the Democrat Primary Process, New Jersey Governor John Corzine is back in the headlines. It seems there is a candidate with worse judgment than our dear Governor. The Democrat’s Golden Calf is calling Governor Corzine his “Wall Street Guy”. Wonderful. Our fearless leader has presided over a state with the fourth worst business climate, worst tax structure and it has ranked 41st in job growth the last two years. What heinous crime did the people of America commit to have Jon Corzine steering national economic policy? Obama wheeled Corzine out to tout his policy of increasing regulations on those eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil oil speculators as a means to lowering gas prices. Only in Jon Corzine land, where negotiationg union contracts with your ex-girlfriend does not appear as a conflict of interest, could you believe in the fantasy that increased regulations lower prices.

God save America.

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