An Interview With Congressional Candidate in the 1st District, Republican Dale Glading.

A new feature we here at Living Jersey would like to introduce is our interview section. Living Jersey hopes to bring you the most complete political coverage by presenting interviews with leading State Republicans and current newsmakers.

The first interview in our series was with 1st District Republican Candidate Dale Glading. We sincerely thank the candidate for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer a few of our questions and we encourage our readers to support Dale Glading’s candidacy. If you would like to learn more, his website is

LJ: You have an interesting situation with who your opponent in the fall might be. Would you care to tell us anything about that?

DG: I decided to enter the race when Rep. Rob Andrews was my expected opponent. His abysmal voting record and non-existent legislative record made my decision to run an easy one. Now, the Democrat party bosses – out of arrogance and a complete disregard for their own constituents – have decided to disenfranchise the voters and defraud the entire election process by running Rob’s wife, Camille, as a placeholder.

LJ: Faith has had a big influence on your life. Can you tell us how it influenced your views on life and government?

DG: As a Christian, my faith permeates every area of my life. It is why I believe in leading by serving, and governing – not by polls – but by convictions. My faith also calls me to care for the least fortunate amongst us.

LJ: Change is the dominant theme of this election; tell us what type of change you represent?

DG: The 1st Congressional District has been represented by the same party since 1975. During that time, property (and other) taxes have soared out of control while our economy has languished. Under 33 years of one-party rule, Camden City has become the poorest city in the country and the third most dangerous one.

Because of the oppressive tax burden and the high cost of living in New Jersey, 70,000 residents fled the State last year alone.

I believe in citizen representatives, not career politicians. Rep. Andrews has been a Washington-insider for almost two decades. He cannot offer real change, nor can his wife nor another career politician from the same party.

Washington is broken, and it will take an outsider with a proven record of accomplishment and community service to help fix it.

LJ: Your website says you support a fairer and equitable tax system. Can you expand on that?

DG: The federal income tax system, as currently constituted, is oppressive, not equitable, and overly complicated. A flat tax or a consumption tax would lower the tax burden on our citizens while increasing overall tax revenues.

LJ: On your website, you express opposition to unnecessary earmarks; do you support the legislation in Congress that proposes a one-year moratorium on earmarks? Would you like to see that moratorium extended beyond one year?

DG: I wholeheartedly support a moratorium on all federal earmarks with a goal of eliminating them altogether. Pork barrel spending must end and politicians must stop selling their offices in hopes of being continuously re-elected.

LJ: Your website says you support the right of families to send their children to the best schools available. Does this include a voucher program?

DG: Competition breeds excellence in every area of life and education is no different. Children in failing schools should have an option of attending elsewhere, and parents who choose to send their children to private schools should not have to subsidize public schools at the same level. For these reasons, I fully support school choice but would prefer tax credits to vouchers.

LJ: Energy is becoming another major theme in this election. Can you discuss your views on energy policy? How do you believe the market place can encourage the development of Alternative fuels?

DG: Energy independence is both an economic necessity and a matter of national security. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has refused to allow increased domestic oil drilling, the construction of new refineries, the construction of new nuclear power plants, and the increased use of clean-burning coal. It has been almost 40 years since we successfully landed a man on the moon and returned him safely to Earth. Surely, we have the ability as well as the technology to extract oil safely from offshore deposits and the shale deposits in the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. We should also maximize the use of clean-burning coal technology, especially considering that Pennsylvania contains an estimated 300 years of coal deposits.

Likewise, we need to increase our use of nuclear power, which is one of the cleanest-burning fuels available. Currently, France is 80% powered by nuclear energy.

Finally, we need to research and start using other alternative fuels such as wind, tide, geothermal and solar power.

LJ: Do you believe in giving the states the right to drill offshore? Do you support drilling in ANWR?

DG: Yes, I support a state’s right to drill offshore, especially if tax incentives and/or price breaks are granted to that state’s residents. As for ANWR, I support drilling there if it is done responsibly and in an environmentally sound manner.

LJ: Your website says you oppose nation building on principle. Does this mean you support the traditional conservative non-interventionist foreign policy?

DG: By opposing nation building, I mean that I do not favor intervening in other countries’ affairs unless there are compelling humanitarian or national security reasons.

LJ: Do you favor a pro-life amendment or do you favor going along the path of federalism/states rights as we have followed for euthanasia and the death penalty?

DG: Whereas I firmly believe that the Constitution reserves any rights not allocated to the federal government to the individual states, I also believe that the issue of life – and more specifically, how we treat the most vulnerable amongst us – defines who we are as a people. For this reason, I support a pro-life amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

LJ: What are your views on illegal immigration and border security?

DG: Securing our northern and southern borders quickly and effectively should be a national priority of the highest order. Doing so should slow or even eliminate the influx of illegal immigrants.

As for the estimated 12-14 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S., it is not practical to deport them all. Instead, I advocate a system by which illegal immigrants pay a fine, with the fines being used to create and fund a national “patriot program” that teaches them English, U.S. history and civics. Once they are proficient in these three areas, these immigrants can apply for permanent legal status, but not citizenship. However, their minor children can apply to become U.S. citizens.

If an illegal immigrant wants to become a U.S. citizen, he or she must return to their country of origin, “get in the back of the line” and enter the United States legally. Illegal immigrants convicted of a crime on U.S. soil should be deported immediately.

LJ: Camden, NJ is constantly ranked as one of the most dangerous and impoverished cities in the country. As Congressman how will you help the City of Camden reform into a community that is safe and prosperous?

DG: It took decades for Camden to deteriorate to the point where it is now and as such, it will take years to revitalize it. However, I believe that Camden has unlimited potential and a promising future. Perhaps my optimism comes from a father born in Cramer Hill and a mother raised in Fairview.

A commitment to education including school choice, a substantial increase in the local police force, and the elimination of corruption and cronyism are necessary first steps. There also needs to be a strong emphasis placed on personal responsibility, the importance of families staying together and parents – particularly fathers – being positive role models for their children.

All of these steps will help to create a business-friendly environment for new economic development and good-paying jobs.

LJ: What type of services would your national service plan entail, and how do you plan to encourage young Americans, who have a negative opinion of the government, to partake in the program?

DG: I envision a national service program that would combine the best of FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps and JFK’s Peace Corps. America’s transportation infrastructure is crumbling, so why not hire young people to repair it? What better way to instill a love of country in future generations than by having them serve in our national parks in exchange for free college tuition?


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