In New Jersey You Work to Pay for Someone Else’s House

Author: Rory B. Bellows

New Jersey’s insanity continues.  In New Jersey, building houses to keep low income people, who take more in state services than they pay in taxes, in the state at the cost of confiscatory property tax rates that cause businesses and high income residents to flee the state is seen as sound policy.  The new Affordable Housing Bill passed the State Senate on a straight party line vote. 

The junta that masquerades as the State Supreme Court inserted themselves into what is purely a market function with the Mt. Laurel decision.  Housing is related to demand. People live where the market prices for housing fit within their budget.  “Affordable” Housing is nothing more than an arbitrary government designation that favors one class of people over another. There is no reason suburban communities should be forced to build housing at taxpayer expense for individuals who cannot afford to live there, when the cost to those communities is exorbitant property tax rates that make North Carolina look pretty damn good to the people who have to pay them.

People think government being involved in housing is all goody-goody because it eliminates “de-facto” segregation.  Never mind that people freely living where they can afford to live is how a market works, but where normal people see markets working, liberals see evil, corruption, and the scourge of liberal scourges, discrimination.  All of those cannot be allowed to exist, and the only way to cure these ills is with a government-created utopia.  While these intentions may be noble, we know what the road to hell is paved with.


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