The New York Times Hates America.

Author: Rory B. Bellows.

The verdict is in: the big wigs at the New York Times care more about embarassing George W. Bush than they do America or the safety of its intelligence officers. The unthinking decision to publicize the name of the man who interrogated Khalid Sheik Mohammed, against the wishes of the CIA, puts a man’s life at risk. A gigantic bullseye is now on this man’s back because our enemies now know who he is. But what do the people at the NY Times care? The limo will still arrive to pick them up. The upper east side dinner parties still will go on and the weekends will be spent at the Hamptons where all the good little liberals can go and have a laugh at George Bush’s expense. Meanwhile, a patriotic American who served his country dealing with her worst enemies now has to live his life constantly looking over his shoulder and sleeping with one eye open. The people at the New York Times don’t care. Their rallying cry is embarass George Bush or give me death!


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