A New (Conservative) Hope

Author: Rory B. Bellows

John Crowley sure looks like a man who intends on making an impact on New Jersey Politics. Crowley’s dabbling in a possible Senate campaign was not the actions of a mere dilettante. Since the announcement that he would be Fund Raising Chairman of Building a New Majority, Crowley has engaged in the early stages of party and organization building. Founder Bill Spadea says that Building a New Majority is looking for “…candidates who offer free market solutions.” Crowley and Spadea conveyed this message to the Empire Club, a gathering that was attended by free market icons Steve Lonegan and Grover Norquist.

Finally, New Jersey has an organized grassroots campaign to spread the traditional conservative message of lower taxes and limited government from the top of the ballot to the bottom. Republicans in New Jersey have been afraid to be Republicans. Overtaxation, regulation and massive government are choking the life out of this state, and it’s high time the Republican Party stood up and fought for its core principles.

Crowley and Spadea are going for down ballot races in areas that are not traditional strongholds. Organizing low-level races is the only way the Republican Party will develop quality candidates through the ranks and win campaigns at the statewide level. In local races where the difference between a win and loss is a few ballots, an organization that can identify and turn out voters and provide competitive funding makes all the difference. Pretty soon Democratic-dominated councils switch to Republican control.

An organization devoted to promoting candidates in places the Republican Party has atrophied or is non-existent will train a new generation of effective Republican Party activists who can build the infrastructure the party needs to compete in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans. From the top of the party on down there is a coherent strategy to not only to win back the state, but hold onto the Majority status. This is a brand new day for Republicans in New Jersey.


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