Camden City Council Seeks to Expand the Police State

Author: Rory B. Bellows

New Jersey Democrats new Orwellian scheme to fight the War on Freedom and Liberty is an increase in cameras at major commercial arteries and housing projects. The program, Eye in the Sky, will place closed circuit TV cameras along six major commercial arteries: Broadway, Mount Ephraim Avenue, Federal Street, Haddon Avenue, Westfield Avenue and Yorkship Square. The program will expand to “high crime” housing projects and school districts.

While the sentiment that cities should take action to reduce crime is legitimate, the idea of cameras watching your every movement, recording where you are going and whom you are meeting with is rife with the possibility of abuse. This Big Brother is Watching You program gives police almost unlimited access to the movements of Camden residents. You could easily see how this could be used to intimidate persons deemed rabble-rousers or political opponents, as their very movements and associations are now being documented and recorded and tucked away until sometime in the future when the “authorities” use them as leverage over their “enemies.”

What is to stop this program from expanding beyond so-called high crime neighborhoods? The good intentions of local politicians? Excuse me while I get a good chuckle out of that. In the past two years, the Democrats in this state have taken away your freedom to smoke in a bar, not wear a seatbelt, and not engage in conversation with a hand held cellular phone while driving. Now, albeit at a lower level of government, they want to infringe upon your right to travel freely. The Land of the Free. Ha, ha, ha.


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