Nancy Pelosi’s War on Conservative Speech

Author: Rory B. Bellows

It is common knowledge that Democrats hate freedom. They want to take away your rights to own a firearm, smoke, keep more of your money, have private healthcare, but now they want to stifle the most American of activites: political speech. At a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Nancy Pelosi expressed her support for the Fairness Doctrine. The “Fairness” Doctrine states that stations have to provide equal time for opposing viewpoints. This means that if your local station carries Rush Limbaugh they have to devote an equal amount of time to a liberal talk show to provide balance. Liberal talk radio has been a spectacular failure. Is Air America even around anymore? Liberal talk radio is not profitable so instead of carrying equivalent liberal leaning shows, stations will opt to drop Rush Limbaugh and avoid the “Fairness” Doctrine all together.

This law specifically targets talk radio because it is a medium dominated by conservatives. Nancy Pelsoi cannot stand that conservatives have a forum, so she wants to silence it. I notice there is no requirement for the New York Times to provide balance of their editorial page. Mien Speaker has no desire for MSNBC to give Pat Buchanan a show to provide balance to the mould mouthed, lunatic ranting of leftist darling and Daily Kos Blogger Keith Olbermann.

Should the Democrat Party expand their majorities in the House and Senate and Barack Obama is elected President, we can be assured that the Democrat Party will go through with their plan to silence dissent. A black hood will be placed over talk radio, silencing it forever, and America will be a less free nation. This is legitimately an anti-American law and is the revival of the sedition acts. Instead of jail, radio hosts will merely lose their right to earn a living. What part of “Congress shall make no law…” do Nancy Pelosi and her gang not understand?

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