Property Tax Hikes, Coming to a Town Near You

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Municipal Offcials estimate the state’s new affordable housing legislation will cost 6 to 7 billion dollars over the next ten years. I’ll give you three guesses as to how they plan to cover those costs.

State Senator Ray Lesniak claims the legislature will set up an affordable housing trust fund that will be filled with federal dollars to help towns pay for affordable housing construction. This should instill faith in everyone. After all, New Jersey has a history of filling these so-called trust funds. Put aside the immorality of taxing some truck driver in Minnesota to pay for housing handouts in New Jersey, the evils of central planning, the unconstitutionality of the State Supreme Court’s powergrab in the Mt. Laurel decisions and consider how New Jersey officials handle these trust funds. We have a transportation trust fund. Governor Corzine wanted to raise tolls by 800% to fill it.

You know how this movie is going to end


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