The Nanny State

Author: Rory B. Bellows

New Jersey is on the verge of creating another massive entitlement we cannot afford. By 2013, New Jersey will offer universal baby sitting/day care/preschool or whatever you would like to call it to every child in the state. This will cause the Department of Education to raise day care/baby sitting/preschool spending from $520 million to $820 million. So much for doing more with less!

Some may object to labeling this program as day care, but that is what it is and day care centers are what communities are currently using. Red Bank officials visited three day care centers that could house the expanded universal preschool program. Calling preschool daycare is just a way politicians can sell a skunk, and an especially expensive one at that, to the public by tugging at the heart strings. Day care is something parents should provide, not providing preschool causes parents to fret that little Johnnie will end up at community college instead of Harvard.

Honestly, what is the incentive to live in New Jersey if you are anything other than poor? If you are classified as poor, you get free healthcare, “affordable” housing, free preschool and god only knows what else the central planners and collectivists can cook up. If you are a producer, why do you want to live here and put up with confiscatory tax rates that make you little more than an indentured servant to the state?


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