I Love Throwing Away Money!

Author: Kari

Corzine does, apparently. And our money, of course.

3.9 billion dollars was just passed to fund the school construction program that had already blown through 8.6 billion. It was first called the Schools Construction Corporation – then after it proved to be a miserable failure and went bankrupt, Corzine constructed the School Development Authority, which was hailed by him as being a completely different, competent organization. Here are the differences between the two organizations.

“Legislation signed by Governor Jon Corzine this Monday abolished the troubled Schools Construction Corporation (SCC) which had authorized the purchase of scores of contaminated sites and replaced it with a Schools Development Authority, which has even more authority and less environmental constraints….Despite their disastrous record, Corzine also announced that he is retaining the top managers of the old SCC to remain in place at the new School Development Authority.”

If Corzine ever took a management (or common sense) class, he must have missed a few lessons. When you give someone a job and they fail at it horribly, losing you serious amounts of money and endangering your clients, the obvious Democrat solution is to give them the job again, with even more responsibility and less oversight. Right? Corzine’s either terribly compassionate to these poor souls on the SCC (I wonder what kind of salary they’re making off of this…) or disgustingly stupid. I’ll leave that decision up to you.


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