Higher Tolls and Higher Gas Taxes, Two Contradictions

Author: Publius

Corzine is proposing a higher gas tax along with his already old plan of selling the roads and/or raising the tolls.

1) Privatizing Roads will increase toll prices because the revenue from roads is mostly from federal tax money and other taxes. Private companies will not get that money and cannot tax the people, so they will have to raise toll prices.

2) Raising Tolls: If the the tolls prices are too high, people will just not use the roads. As happens when taxes are too high, people just don’t pay it. Then again you could always go a longer route without tolls, but that leads to my next point.

3) We won’t be able to go around the toll roads because that will end up burning more gas, and it won’t be worth it if the tax on it is too high.

Half-Baked Solution: Public Transportation. The government is trying extortion, but we can always take public transportation. That is if you live near a train station and railroad tracks. However, not everyone does. And public transportation is horrid in NJ as it is. But I suppose Corzine would find a way to increase the prices on that too.

Common Sense Solution: ACTUALLY balance the budget. Including debt repayment into the state budget instead of telling us after. Corzine didn’t balance the budget then. He saved $600 million but borrowed $4 Billion. How is that a savings?  Not only does Corzine need to get schooled in politics but also in math.


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