Barack Obama Wants to Enslave You to the Government

Author: Rory B. Bellows

In his neverending quest to find ways to steal your money and give it someone else, Senator Barack Obama has invented a new entitlement program: national service. Obama’s new proposal is to to use the coercive power of government and manipulations in the tax code to force high school and college students to perform community service.

In a speech in Colorado, Senator Obama said, “…as president, Obama would also set a goal for middle and high school students to perform community service 50 hours a week each year and for college students to perform 100 hours annually.”

To pay for his new volunteer army, Obama claims he will close corporate loopholes and end the war in Iraq(more on that later). Senator Obama traverses the country bemoaning the economic woes caused by George Bush’s policies. Can the Senator, one of his kool aide drinker followers or a MSNBC Anchor, wait, they are also Kool Aide Drinker followers so sorry for the redundancy, explain how if the economy is so bad taxing companies at higher rates to force people to work for free is going to grow our economy?

Finally, for those us who actually care about the Constitution, can someone please find for me the provision in the document that allows for the government to create “public service” volunteer programs?

As for Iraq, the Senator has announced today that he reserves the right to change his mind on his promised troop withdrawal.

So much for that. Third world standard of living here we come!


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