Local Democrats Short Circuit Democracy

Author: Rory. B. Bellows

New Brunswick’s Democrat Party Machine is at it again. This time they are looking to do an end run around locals who have demanded a change in the form of government. Currently New Brunswick runs a city council that features 5 representatives who are elected at large.

Locals would like to see New Brunswick switch to a system with 6 wards and 3 at large representatives. To put this measure on the ballot in November, 800 signatures are required. The group pushing the ward system gained 1,000.

In response, local Democrat bosses offered to put a question on the ballot proposing a commission to study the matter. Since only one question can appear on the ballot, this is their way of burying the issue.

This is what Democrat party officials think of the residents of New Brunswick. They don’t care that their ideas have met the requisite steps to be put in front of the voters. Their concern is protecting a system of government that has benefited them and kept them in the seats of power.


1 Response to “Local Democrats Short Circuit Democracy”

  1. 1 David July 8, 2008 at 11:17 am

    Cool post. I’d only like to point out that we only required 357 signatures, and that we got over 1,100. 🙂

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