New Jersey Democrats Pledge Support for $5 Per Gallon Gasoline

Author: Rory B. Bellows

The Moe, Larry and Curly of New Jersey Politics, Governor Corzine, Senator Frank Lautenberg and Congressman Frank Pallone will grandstand on the boardwalk in Belmar to voice their opposition to offshore drilling.

Clinging to their religion of environmentalism, New Jersey Democrats seek to block expanding our domestic oil supply. No one really knows what the legitimate arguments against domestic oil exploration is, it deals mainly in the what if, but what is grounded in fact are rising gas prices. Increasing supply lowers prices. We all know this. That’s why everyone gets all up in arms about OPEC announcing either a reduction or an increase in supply. The opposition to offshore drilling understands this as well, which is why they stand firm in their obstructionism. They don’t want lower gas prices because that removes government from the equation. If gas prices drop, then the demand for government action will drop and that is something the left just cannot allow.

1 Response to “New Jersey Democrats Pledge Support for $5 Per Gallon Gasoline”

  1. 1 Jeff July 10, 2008 at 7:37 am

    In case you are interested there is a very nice YouTube version of “Do You Know What ANWR Is” at


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