Re: Romney for VP

Authour: Publius

Two reasons why Romney didn’t.

1) Huckabee – He split the conservative vote along with Thompson and some others.

2) Crossover voters in NH because Romney won the core conservative votes there and even among self-identified Republicans.

In other words in a closed primary without Huckabee, Romney can win.

And I’m pretty sure the conservative base rallied around Romney once Florida came around but again same factors blocked it. Plus conservatives were betting on Thompson and were slow to warm to Romney.

And whoever thinks Romney adds nothing to the ticket is wrong AGAIN. Sanford, Palin and the rest are good choices. But Romney delivers the election, money, economic experience and plus he is an attack dog. Everything McCain needs.


1 Response to “Re: Romney for VP”

  1. 1 Ted July 10, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    No way will it be Romney, when McCain can go for the gusto, Sarah Palin!!!

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