Clinton says McCain can go crazy!

Author: Publius

At the Aspen Ideas Festival former (thank god for term limits) President Bill Clinton was talking about Nelson Mandela and threw in a dig at John McCain. Fox News reports, ‘“It’s just like if you know anybody who’s ever been a POW for any length of time, you will see you go along for months or maybe even years, and then something will happen and it will trigger all those bad dreams and they will come back, and it may not last 30 seconds,” he said.’

First, fairy tales and now he is talking about people and their dreams. What is Bill Clinton now? Mother Goose? We know he is the baby in the family because Momma Hill has to come and act like the grown up saving him from his troubles.

Now what is next? BIll Clinton explains how Obama must have some attachment disorder because his father left him? Guess Bill can relate to that one. I thought a McCain/Hillary campaign was going to be civil. Oh that’s right. SHE LOST!

If this was just Bill Clinton I would say this is him trying to undermine the Obama campaign. However, first Michelle Obama, then Wesley Clark, then Jim Webb, and now Bill Clinton. Does Obama have no courage to go after McCain on his own? Where is the messiah now with his oh holier than thou politics? How many times must the Obamas go after McCain on his character? Well I guess when your negatives are that low you must make the other guy look bad. Right from the Clinton playbook. I thought it was about the issues Barry.

Article here.


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