Government to Legislate Religion starting…

Author: Publius

Well, it already has with some states allowing for gay marriage. However my main point is, in England the Church of England is allowing for women to be ordained as priests. Crying equality and all that.  While reading it I was just wondering how long it would take for a movement like that to be done here except by the secularists in government.

Well though blatantly clear that that would be government legislating religion, some people will say it’s for equality. Again why we do have bar and bat mitzvahs? Why doesn’t the government legislate it to one ceremony?  It’s legislating marriage. Oh how about legislating baptisms? Couldn’t it be considered waterboarding? Infants are too young. Or wait until 30 as Jesus did. Churches must have same-sex couple consulting. All in the name of equality.

Okay I know that last paragraph was over the top but you get my point. The point is if the church wants to do it, sure fine that’s another discussion that would be resolved in the pulpits and church halls not in the courts. But really how far off are we from becoming like France that doesn’t allow crosses or headscarves in public because it stops other peoples’ freedom of religion?

I know it seems random and totally disconnected but it’s just some food for thought. And those that say its the slippery slope idea, I’m not one to use it much often however, it is exactly that. The slippery slope got us to Roe v. Wade and millions of abortions a year. This soon won’t be an issue over just marriage but over church doctrine itself. Soon all we will be able to do is just preach from the pulpit if that.

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