Re: Re: Romney for VP

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Huckabee voters were not Romney voters. The exit polling during the primaries showed they were more likely to be McCain voters than Romney voters. Romney’s mormonism is a huge hindrance. McCain will lose North Carolina and Georgia with Romney on the ticket. Missouri could swing blue as well. Look at the way Romney was savaged in the South on Super Tuesday. He even had the social conservative governor of Missouri and Kit Bond backing him and he came in third. If Romney was anything other then a Mormon he would be the GOP nominee for President.

Your first post makes a good case, and I like Romney, but you don’t consider what he will lose with Romney on the ticket. I understand the argument that McCain doesn’t have to win any new states, but merely defend the ones won by Bush in 2004, but McCain isn’t the same candidate as Bush. They have different appeals to different groups.


1 Response to “Re: Re: Romney for VP”

  1. 1 Ted July 8, 2008 at 8:51 am

    Romney adds a net nothing to the ticket; his negatives at least approximate the positives.

    McCain NEEDS Alaska Gov Sarah Palin (if he wants to win in November) — whose positives are too numerous to mention here (with no negatives).

    – and don’t cite Palin’s lack of experience, since she’s got 10 times that of Obama!!!

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