Russia Gets It Right: “Learn to Use a Computer or Be Fired”

Author: Kari

If you don’t learn to use a computer, you’re fired, according to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.  Finally, someone who’s not afraid to set standards and propel their country forward.

Computers are a staple in American businesses and have been so for more than a decade now.  Students have been learning to use them in school for at least twenty years.  We have become so reliant on them that a typical American business would buckle without them – or at least, have to completely restructure itself.  Just imagine, how would you do your job if you did not have a computer for a week? 

This is why it is so unbelievable that there are so many workers who are completely computer-illiterate.  I mean literally, I have seen people in state offices chicken-pecking at the computer because they can’t type – WPM at 25, tops.  I have heard conversations by people truly baffled by the difference between Save and Save As, and the consequences of each.  I myself have been asked to do projects because the person assigned to the project cannot set up the table on Word that the project requires – and while I did the project the person assigned to it putzed around the office until I was finished – aka, did nothing. The amount by which work efficiency exponentially increases when an office is computer-savvy really cannot be underestimated, and the refusal of people to learn is absolutely a cause for firing.

“You either learn it or we say good-bye to you,’ he said. ‘We don’t offer jobs to people who can’t read of write, do we? And possession of user skills is just the same thing today.'”  

When an employer looks at a person to hire, sure they look at their schooling to make sure they have been well-educated.  They don’t look at whether this person can read or write, because it is assumed they can.  It is sometimes assumed that they can use computers, because young people now have pretty much grown up on them, and because computers are so necessary in the workplace.  An employer is not going to ask you to recite the US Presidents in order because you got an A in history, but he may ask you to work on a project that ties in former presidents with current and future presidents. Why? You didn’t learn that in school, so why should you be expected to be capable of such things?

Because you demonstrated by getting high grades in school that you are capable of learning new things. That’s what it’s all about. Nothing remains static in this world, and for people who are being paid to do work to remain static in how they do their job is ludicrous. Well, if we want to have the same standard of living forever then sure, we can let older people just sit at their desks shuffling paper around all day because they’ve been around a long time, and they’re too old to learn new things. America did not became the most lucrative, highest standard of living country in the world by doing the same old thing. We pushed and we learned and we worked hard and we reaped the benefits. No reason to get lazy now.


1 Response to “Russia Gets It Right: “Learn to Use a Computer or Be Fired””

  1. 1 Don Matthews July 29, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    You know what would be exceptionally embarassing and ironic? If the presidential candidate this site promotes did not know the basics of computer use.

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