What do Democrats Mean by Fuel Conservation?

Author: Rory B. Bellows

I started thinking about this when I saw this story posted on Jonathan Martin’s blog on politico. Democrats’ energy “plan” will include the following: Pelosi’s gambit rests on one big assumption: that Democrats will own Washington after the election and will be able to craft a sweeping energy policy that is heavy on conservation and fuel alternatives while allowing for some new oil drilling

Great. Now we are going to have the government point a gun at your head and tell you to conserve energy. Liberals love to pummel George Bush over supposedly “shredding” the constitution, but in looking over the document, I cannot find the justification for the government telling you how much energy you can use. Maybe I missed it, but there does not appear to be an energy consumption clause.

Any person of sound mind comes to the easy conclusion that this is insane. It is one thing if individuals voluntarily choose to use less energy. That is one of the reasons gas prices have fallen. Americans took stock of the high prices at the pump and have driven less over these past few months.

Another troubling Democratic proposal comes from Barack Obama. Obama proposes that the US reduce electricity use by 15% by 2015. How does he arrive at the 15% reduction? If reducing electricity use is good, why not go for further cuts? Why not a 100% reduction in electricity use?

Obama would also require that 10% of US Energy come from alternative fuels. How does he plan to mandate this? If you are not using alternative fuels will he have the civilian national security force confiscate your property? This reeks of Soviet style central planning. Admittedly, the whole Obama campaign reeks of soviet style central planning so why should anyone be surprised by this development.

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