Offshore Drilling is a Winner for New Jersey Republicans

Author: Rory B. Bellows

A new Quinnipiac Poll shows overwhelming support for offshore drilling among New Jersey Residents. 64% back offshore drilling, 61% back more nuclear power plants and 53% back drilling in ANWR.

Here at Living Jersey we have been saying since June that offshore drilling was a winning issue for Republicans at the state level and now the numbers back that up. Republicans are foolish if they wage a campaign on anything other than offshore drilling and increasing our domestic energy supply as that is the only issue the public is with them on.

In the Senate campaign, Dick Zimmer can use support for offshore drilling to portray Lautenberg as hostage to ancient liberal beliefs on the environment and an old way of thinking about energy. It’s an easy way to get the words “old” and “ancient” into the campaign without specifically calling him a doddering old fool.

Support for offshore drilling will pull in the independents who see gas prices as the number one issue and overwhelmingly support offshore drilling. It’s the only hand the Republicans have left to play this November.


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