Top Ten Reasons Not to Impeach Jon Corzine

10.  Soon Corzine’s friends from Goldman Sachs will be running all of our state offices.  Maybe we’ll get stock options?

9.  I haven’t yet had my chance to date the Governor and get $6 million when we break up (I mean, I need some way to pay my property taxes).

8.  I’d rather see Impeach Corzine bumper stickers than those annoying I’d Rather Be Fishing ones.

7.  I love surprises….every time Corzine starts a program without knowing how much it costs or where the money’s coming from, the suspense is exhilarating!

6.  Closing down the state during the budget impasse of ’06 was great – sure it may have cost tens of millions of dollars for the state and ruined the July 4th weekend for everyone, but it saved me from blowing gas money at the casinos!

5.  I know he’s in touch with the ‘everyday man’ cuz he keeps appointing people who have been arrested or charged with crimes – just like me!

4.  It’s nice to feel solidarity with other New Jerseyans – every time I see an approval rating of less than 30%, I know we’re all thinking the same thing.

3.  I’m selling my car since I can’t afford gas, so toll hikes won’t hurt me anyway.

2.  NJ is #1!!!! (in amount of money spent on campaigns when Corzine runs)

1.  If our Governor doesn’t follow the rules (like wearing a seatbelt), then I don’t have to either.  Yay for anarchy!


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