I hope the left tries to make a big deal out of “troopegate”

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Let the left try and make a big stink about the new psuedo-scandal making the rounds. Let them run with this one. Supposedly Sarah Palin fired the Alaska Public Safety Commissioner because he did not fire her ex-brother in law, who was a state trooper and certified menace to society. The Public Safety Commissioner denies that he felt presure from the Governor, but claims there was pressure fromer staff. The fact that a state trooper, who was using his police taser on his stepson, beating the Governor’s sister and had nearly a dozen public safety violations since 2001, was not fired for gross misconduct, tells you a lot about the public safety commissioner. It was criminal on his part that this individual was not fired and relieved of the state sanctioned ability to exercise force he killed someone.

Governor Palin merely removed from office a man who was derelict in his duty and endangered the public by allowing a sociopath to remain in state employ and be carrying a badge and a gun.

Please make a big deal out of this. Please. Let’s see how much sympathy the Public Safety Commissioner gets from the electorate and let’s see how much Governor Palin gets.


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