The People at the Daily Kos are a bunch of low lifes

Author: Rory B. Bellows

I’m not going to give the link because I do not want to give those leftist nut jobs the traffic, but the loser leftists at radical hotspot Daily Kos are goig after Governor Sarah Palin and using her 17 year old daughter as the club to beat her with. These big mouths and cowards started a viscious rumor about Governor Palin faking her last pregnacy to hide the fact that her 17 year old daughter was actully the one who gave birth to their youngest child who was dorn with downs syndome.

To combat this ugly, cowardly attack by low life leftists, the Palin’s revealed that thir 17 year old daughter is five months pregnant, she intends to marry the father and keep the child. How this is relevent to national politics I do not know, but the mainstream media has picked up on this, and under the guise of objective journalism, launched a hit campaign against the Palin’s daughter because of her mother’s stance on abstinence only sex education and strong pro life views. Whatever you think about the issue, and I believe that is it up to the local school disctricts and states to determine what they want to teach kid, her 17 year old daughter deserves a life of her own. She is not a public figure. She is not running for office. She is just a kid.

What is really behind this is the ugly side of liberalism. Liberals are wedded to identity politics. To the liberal, being a woman or being in a minority group means you must adhere to their orthodoxy or else. This is what they tried to do to Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings. What outraged the left was not his supposed conservative judicial philosophy, what angered them was the fact that he was a black man who held conservative beliefs. The left in this country launched the most vicious and racist campaign against an indiviudal I have ever seen in my life. In no other conext, other than destroying a black man who was a conservative, would calling a black man stupid or accusing him of sleeping on the job be acceptable in polite society. It really showed what a bunch of bigots liberals in this country really are.

The same thing is happening to Governor Sarah Palin. The left sees an intelligent, capable and attractive woman who believes in raisng babies and not killing them. It it was not so disuting it would be funny because I thought these people were pro choice. I guess repecting the choice of a woman not to kill her baby, but instead love it and raise it would be praised. Is that not a choice?

They do not want to fight her on the issues so they launch into making a 17 year old girl’s private sex life a campaign issue. These are the same people who argued President Clinton should not be impeached for lying about his sexual behavior, but someone Governor Palin’s political life needs to be called into question becaus of the choices her daughter makes.

The American public needs to wake up to what these “liberals” are all about.


1 Response to “The People at the Daily Kos are a bunch of low lifes”

  1. 1 jft October 29, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    It is relevant as it shows that Ms Caribou Barbie cannont even handle her own trampy daughter much less run a country.

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