More Liberal Hypocrisy

Author: Rory B. Bellows

If you want to know what the enemy is thinking then you need to watch the enemy propoganda network. I sat down today to watch MSNBC’s coverage of the Republican Convention. I was not suprised out that the leftist paper of record, The New York Times, is running a front page story on the debate “raging” between mothers in regars to Sarah Palin’s candidacy and if she is doing the right thing by accepting the nomination with so many children at home.

This supposed re-examination of stay at home motherhood by the New York Times is a gutbuster. This is the paper where the mothers who work there would verbally castrate anyone who said they were doing the wrong thing by flying all over the country to cover news as opposed to staying at home with their children. They champion all sorts of federally funded day care so mothers can go out,work and shatter this “glass ceiling”.

It is preposterous that now Pravda thinks women devoting too much time to their career as opposed to parenting is an issue that is even worthy of debate.

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