Barack Obama tries to intimidate press critics.

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Adding further evidence to the charge that he is anti-American, Senator Obama held a meeting with Fox News executives in an effort to blackmail a network into silencing commentators such as Sean Hannity. Apparently Osama Obama was miffed that not every media outlet was inthe tank for him and claimed he wanted nothing to do with executive Roger Ailes because the network was too down right mean.

Fortunatel, Fox News executives told Obama that the network would not go in the tank for him like CNN and MSNBC. Those networks are the American equivalents of the state run news agencies that pump out Castro’s propoganda.

Silencing dissent. That is what the Obama campaign is all about. They wanted to offer a little more access for a little more favorable treatment. This is underhanded and disgusting and if you had any doubts Obama wasn’t born here, isn’t from here or isn’t of here,all you have to do is look at his blatant disregard for the first amendment when it comes to his press critics.

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